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Why Do You Need It?

At DJ Restoration, we are committed to making your commercial and residential property safe, healthy, and clean. We offer professional-grade carpet cleaning services that will make your carpets look new again. 

No matter how much you invest in purchasing top-quality carpets and upholstery, over time they will begin to look dull, soiled, and rugged. Our licensed professionals will closely inspect your rugs, carpets, and upholstery at home and will share their assessment regarding how you should get them cleaned. 

They will explicitly present all options so that you can easily decide how to proceed. They will make sure that your investment comes out looking the best. You can also benefit from our extensive regular services plans that are designed to keep your residential and industrial property clean all year long. 

How Can We Help You

Carpets and upholstery not only add comfort but for style and color to a property. But once they get dirty, they can easily bring the look of the whole place down. So, brighten up your rooms by availing our detailed carpet cleaning services that go beyond just vacuuming.  

With our detailed and thorough carpet cleaning services, you can save time, money, and energy. We use advanced, professional equipment to make sure no soil or even a smidgen of dirt remains in your carpets or upholstery. We protect your property by deeply cleaning your carpets to prevent mold growth. Our ultimate cleaning removes bacteria and allergens and keeps your family safe and healthy. 

Our Working Process

Carpets and upholstery usually trap dust, gases, dirt, animal hair, and many other kinds of soils. All carpet manufacturers claim that proper cleaning and maintenance of carpets can increase their life span significantly. 

So, why not make the most out of your investment? 

The DJ Restoration’s carefully devised Carpet Cleaning Process involves the following steps: 

  1. Regular Vacuuming: Vacuuming carpet prior to deep cleaning; removes dry soil and solid dirt present on the surface. 
  2. Pre-Treatment: This step allows the detergent to soak in and push all the soil and dirt thorough cleaning. 
  3. Tab Carpets and upholstery: Tabs are used to keep the carpets and furniture protected from permanent stains and water damage after cleaning. This also prevents matting. 
  4. Use of Steam: This effective weapon offers the deepest and most thorough cleaning. 
  5. Sanitizing and Deodorizing: In this step, disinfectants are applied so that carpets smell better and are germs-free. 
  6. Spot Removal: Chemically safe but effective solutions are used to remove any stubborn stains and spills on the upholstery or carpets. 
  7. Fast Drying: Industrial air movers and other strong equipment are used to speedily dry out the carpet. 
  8. Scotch guard Protection: This is the top choice in the business when it comes to reviving the carpets and upholstery.